• Beautiful vintage 1940's baby pink colour block cocktail dress with the most beautiful soutache detailing that looks liek a wonderful ornate necklace. This dress label is by Carole King which was established in 1937. Grace Dozier Durocher (who's husband was a very big baseball player) was the partner and designer of the company. This cocktail dress has the most beutiful peplum detailing with a bustle style back. The dress also has the most beautiful structured shoulder pads. Dressh as has a metal back zip as it's opening and closing.
  • Beautiful chocolate coloured vintage late 1940's coral print day dress. This piece has wonderful bursts of colours of blue and yellow and whites. The dress is perfect for the summer as it's a wonderful sheer cotton. Dress has a metal side zip as it's opening and closing.
  • Ultimate vintage 1940's full length gown for all the garden parties. This beautiful rouched body with gorgeous floral flowy skirt that is perfect for swishing around in. The dress has a metal side zip opening as it's opening and closing.
  • Wonderful dreamy vintage 1940's coral pink floral print house dress. This beauty is by the iconic loungewear label Saybury. These can totally be worn during the day and are perfect for summer jaunts. House dress has wonderful big collar and a tie waisted sash to give more shape. Piece has a zip down front as it's opening and closing.
  • Absolutely wonderful vintage 1940's floral and paisley print pussy bow tie beauty. This piece I cannot decide if it is a house dress or a day dress. But either way it can be worn as lounge wear or outside of the house. Dress opens with a metal zip down the front as it's opening and closing.
  • Beautiful vintage 1940's rayon grape print day dress. This wonderful dress has a very light base grey background with white detailing on the print. This dress has a button down front as it's opening and closing.
  • Wonderful vintage 1950's polished cotton Hawaiian wiggle dress with the most beautiful waist belt detail with sash style detail off the west. The print of this dress is simply wonderful also and really mixes Asian symbolism with beautiful Hawaiian styling. The dress has as a metal back zip as it's opening and closing.
  • Absolutely gorgeous coral vintage 1940's hibiscus print day dress. This is the ultimate summery feelign dress that has a wonderful pocket detail on the bust. The dress is a button down front as it's opening and closing.
  • Absolutely gorgeous dusky pink 1920's / 1930's dress and jacket set. This beautiful set has a very deco ditsy style print of dotty flowers as it's print. This dress is beautiful and flowy and is perfect for all those garden parties your invited to. Dress has no openingings or closings so this is an the head job.
  • Absolutely stunning vintage late 1930's / 1940's vibrant floral print day dress. The beautiful dress has a wonderful boarder print of flowers in gorgeous tones purples, yellows, greens and more. The dress has wonderful plastic floral faux buttons also as well as some gorgeous puffed shoulders. The dress also comes with it's orginal belt. The dress has press stud openings down the front and a metal side zip as it's opening and closing.
  • Circus poodles is what everyone needs as a novelty print within there wardrobe right!! Well never fear this incredible inky background 1940's circus poodle print day dress is just what you've been looking for. This dress has wonderful drapey detailing within it's shape also. Dress has a metal short zip on the back of the neck and a metal side zip on the side of the dress as it's opening and closings.
  • Gorgeous fairytale novelty print 1940's day dress. This wonderful day dress has the most wonderful detail on the bust and a gorgeous faux style pockets on the hips of the dress. The print has wonderful decptions of castles and people playing musical instruments in gorgeous blues, fushcia and whites that really is popping. The dress has hook and eye opening on the back of the neck and a metal side zip.
  • Fantastic vintage 1940's / 1950's home made Hawaiin print fit and flare dress. The dress has a wonderful and vibrant print that looks very similar to pieces by Kamehameha. The colour way is simply beautiful red, white, yellow and black and is very eye catching. The dress has a original Talon metal side zip as it's opening and closing.
  • If you are looking for a piece with such a rich and vibrant history. This amazing 1950's Watumull's cheongsam is the piece for your wardrobe. The piece is made of silk and has depections of a fire bird with what looks like love heards in it's tail feathers. The brand Watmull's was started by Jhamandas Watumull, originally from Hyderabad, Sindh (in what became Pakistan), the son of a brick contractor, was one of the first people of Indian descent to come to Hawai‘i. Jhamandas left his home as a young boy of 14 to earn a living and help his disabled father. His mother sold her jewelry to buy his passage to the Philippines. Jhamandas stayed with an older brother and worked in Manila’s textile mills. He opened a small import shop in Manila that specialized in imports from the Orient with his partner Rochiram Dharamdas. The shop attracted American troops stationed in the Philippines and business was good. In 1913, when the troops were withdrawn from the Philippines and moved to Hawai‘i, the two partners decided to follow them and explore business opportunities. A year later, Dharamdas opened a branch of ‘Dharamdas and Watumulls’ on Hotel Street in Honolulu. Unfortunately, two years later, Dharamdas died of cholera and the store became Jhamandas’ responsibility. Unable to leave the Manila business for long, he decided to send his younger brother, Gobindram (GJ), to take care of the Honolulu store, which was renamed ‘East India Store’. GJ settled in Hawaii and, in 1922, married Ellen Jensen, an American music teacher. Ellen’s sister, Elsie Jensen, traveled to Hawaii in 1928 to visit her. Elsie then started working at Watumull’s East India Store as a window display designer. Watumull’s later commissioned Elsie to create hand-painted floral designs on silk for interior decoration. Her clothing designs would come later. (Honolulu). The initial years in Hawaii were difficult and trying. As the first Indian businessmen in Hawaii, they faced many setbacks, discrimination and daunting immigration laws, including denial of citizenship to GJ although he was married to an American. His wife, Ellen, lost her American citizenship because she had married a British East Indian subject. As time passed, the East India Store flourished, selling raw silk goods and ‘aloha shirts’ on the island, turning into a major department store, before eventually opening additional branch stores in Waikiki and the downtown Honolulu area. In 1954, there were a total of eight Watumull stores. Rejecting a consultant’s advice to change the “tourist-oriented” names of his stores like Leilani Gift Shop and focus on mainland-type goods, they opened more “tourist-oriented’ stores. During the next 20 years, the number of stores increased to 29 and included East India Stores, Aloha Fashions, Malihini Gifts and Leilani Gift Shops. The business became among the top 250 businesses of Hawai‘i. Over time, the Watumull stores have all closed down; one remains at the Ala Moana Center. The Watumull family also set up several local philanthropic and educational institutions, including the Rama Watumull Fund, the J. Watumull Estate, and the Watumull Foundation. Information found from the this wonderful blog The dress opens with a metal talon side zip - which indicates the piece is true to the 1950's please see this link for more information and has frog closures on the neckline. Re the dry cleaners labels, dry cleaners actually became popular in the 1950's so hence maybe the tag.  
  • Absolutely beautiful vintage late 1930's / 1940's red background floral day dress. This dress has lots of wonderful details from a beautiful ruffle style collar to a statement peplum off the waist. Big covered faux buttons down the front and it has some strong shoulder pads also. Dress has press studs down the front and a buttons on the side of the dress as it's opening and closing. The dress has a cap underneath the peplum.


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