• Absolutely spooktactular  tonic grey 1950's fit and flare dress. That is covered in spiderwebs and leafs in a gorgeous burnt style velvet. This truly is the ulitmate autumn winter dress for your wardrobe. The dress has a metal side zip as it's opening and closing.  
  • Absolutely iconic 1920's / 1930's dotted chiffon dress and matching jacket set. The dress has colour block of white and green dots on the top of the dress and the super beautiful knife pleated neckline with a bow detail. The dress is beautifully sheer and is worn with an underslip (that does not come with dress) and comes with a beautiful duster style jacket. The dress has a wonderful strap style details on the waist that have pop studs to hold. Pieces have no openings so this is an over the head situation. Please note accessories do not come with dress.
  • Incredible vintage 1940's illustrated floral print day dress. This dress has the wonderful use of vibrant colours of green, blues, pinks and yellows which really make this dress truly pop. The dress has a tie waist detailing so you can pull it in to give a more defined waist if wanted. This dress is a pull over the head situation so please make sure your measurments are smaller then the max.
  • Gorgeous one shouldered big blue floral rose print one late 1950's early 1960's shouldered dress. This is the ultimate dress for all occcassions from lounging around the garden to going to a fancy event. It would fit in for all occassions. This dress is homemade and you can see it's been clearly made with love. The dress has a plastic side zip, I think this has been replaced later in it's life.
  • Super cute vintage 1940's clove print day dress in gorgeous navy and white colour way. This day dress has two faux style pockets off the waist to add something special do this dress. The dress has a metal side zip. Please note it was photographed with a slip on underneath that is not included.
  • Absolutely wonderful vintage late 1950's Go-Go'esk / Show Girl piece. This iconic piece is a leotard with fringing coming down the hips in a gorgeous fuschia colour. If your looking for a piece to show off your real sass and body. This is the piece for you. This was also owned by the Del Rubio estate. This piece has hook and eyes on the neckline and a zip opening on the back. The leotard is lined inside.
  • The most gorgeous vintage early 1940's max dress in wonderful buttery yellow colour way with wonderful intricated line work boarder print that has a vase illustrated within the print. This dress has wonderful ruffle detailing. The dress has a metal side zip as an opening and closing. Please note this is just the dress for sale.
  • Wonderful lemony / limey coloured vintage 1940's day dress. This beautiful dress has wonderful pin tuck style detailing on teh shoulders and has built in shoulder pads so really gives structure to the dress. The dress has button down front has the opening and closing.
  • An opportunity to purchase a truly one of a kind piece of vintage. This incredible love letter novelty print dresses print is not only outstanding. But it has a truly one off detail. This being two sashes that can be changed across the bust or waist however you wished. So you could forever be changing the look of this exquisite dress. Dress opens with a metal side zip.
  • Gorgeous vintage 1950's painted and sequins Mexican strapless full circle dress. This strapless dress has wonderful hues of greens, pinks, goles and whites with a black undertone also too the dress also.  Interesting thing about this dress also is that it states on the label states dry clean. Did you know that dry cleaning patent was put in as early as 1821 and was called dry scouring.

    The dress has zip on the back of the dress.

  • Gorgeous burgandy vintage 1940's dress. This stunning dress has floral beaded and sequin embellishments on both of the sleeves of the dress. Dress has a no openings or closures so it's a pull over the head situation.
  • Absolutely iconic vintage 1930's orangey red / coral evening gown with stunning fringe detailing off the neckline. This gown truly eye catching. This dress has a almost puddle style drain detail that is actually weighted. This dress also comes with a fringing belt / detail that comes with the dress. The dress has gorgeous under the fringe back as a scoop back. Dress opens with pop stud detailing on the side of the gown as it's opening and closing.
  • Splending 1930's  daisy print drop waist day dress. This wonderful and still vibrant and colourful dress. Is the perfect summer dress. The button down front with two pockets on the front give the dress a utility style fit too this dress. Dress has a button down front as it's openings.
  • Stunning vintage 1950's fair ground novelty print atomic style print day dress. This print has ferris wheels and connession stands. This day dress has a wonderful light duck egg blue background colour. Then the print wonderful hues of lilacs, reds and greens. This dress has  wonderful full skirt so can swish. The dress also has a wonderful boater style neckline. The dress has a metal side zip as it's closure and opening.
  • This is an opportunity to purchase a piece from the iconic Del Rubio estate. As this vintage Hawaiian label dress has a chartruese twin that is already available on the website. So maybe if you and a friend are thinking about twinning this is your opportunity. This gorgeous 1950's hibecus flower print in gorgeous blue hues. This dress also has a sash bow detail on the back. The dress has a metal back zip as it's opening and closing.


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