• Wonderful vintage 1950's baby blue novelty print skirt. This skirt has the most beautiful print of budgies in and out of a gold gilded cage. It's simply a beautiful boarder print skirt and sure would be treasured in any vintage lovers wardrobe. Skirt has a button and metal side zip as it's opening and closing.
  • Wonderful pinched waist 1940's suit jacket. This gorgeous square print suit jacket in gorgeous yellow and grey tones really does pop to the human eye. Jacket is lined on the inside but does not have a button closing.
  • Glorious vintage late 1950's early 1960's  gold sequin coloured 1950's cardigan.  Gene Shelly of California label was highly sought after. The label was doing some of the best of the early sequinned vintage pieces that you could find anywhere on the planet that is for sure. Cardigan is lined on the inside and has hook and eye closings on the front of the caridgan.
  • Absolutely gorgeous corrally pink scrumptious vintage 1950's jumper. This Saks of Fith avenue comfy jumper is an ultimate staple in any vintage lovers wardrobe. It also has the wonderful button detailing off the neckline.

    Jumper isn't lined and then the button off the neckline.

  • Wonderful steely grey vintage 1940's / 1950's holo style hat. This hat gorgesous bow style detail on the sides of the hat that give a really beautiful detail to this piece. Hat has no lips or elastic so its a perch style placement.
  • Ultimate vintage 1940's sun hat which a twist! This incredible cream and black sun hat with a little peekabo opening at the top so you get all the ariation. Perfect hat for all summer occasions. Does have hair pin sewn in the front of the hat to keep on head.
  • Beautiful black and yellow vintage rope handbag. This incredible bag gives me 1940's vibes but could be more modern. The bag feels like it's never been fully used.

    Big enough to fit phone, lipstick and a purse this handbag is durable for all vintage needs.

    Handbag is lined and has a metal YKK zipper as it's opening and closing.

  • Absolutely wonderful vintage late 1950's two piece set.  Whats so special about this wonderful set is that it has name of places stitched on too the set. Such as Monte Carlo, Palm Springs and Las Vegas to name a few. It orginally is made for the boudoir. But this set truly can be worn for all occassions. Especially with that extra set of sass with the pussy bow tie detail on the neck. Top hasa button and hook detail on the neck and and trosuers have a metal back zip with hook and eye closure as it's opening and closings.
  • Absolutely gorgeous novelty print 1940's blouse with wonderful peplum on the back. This blouse has a wonderful print of doves flying with a rose in it's mouth on a gorgeous navy blue background so the colours really pop. Blouse has button down front as it's opening and closing.
  • Stunning vintage 1950's Casbah print Millworth print full skirt.  This novelty print is called Casbah as it depicts a scence from the Casbah. It has so many wonderful print details within this print. The skirt has a button and metal side zip as it's opening.
  • Rather lovely golden mustard yellow and chocolate brown coloured vintage 1950's zip down fronted jumper. The zip down has the words The Rustlers on the back. This may have been a car club or maybe evening a bowling team either way it's a super warm and sumptious knit. Perfect for this winter. The zip on this piece is rather interesting, as an independent company, Clarks Coats bought Crown out in around 1936. Originally located in Warren, PA, they moved production to Oriskany Falls, NY in 1946. So both of those C&C and Crown zips were produced on the same machines in the same plant. I've managed to date this zip to around 1953 through the wonderful world of the internet. Jumper has a zip down front as it's opening and closing.
  • Want a real rare piece in your wadrobe. I give you this incredible vintage 1940's hand painted blouse of fabulous womens head with umbrellas that have beads on them. Truly is a beautiful piece for anyones wardrobe. Blouses has a button down back as it's opening and closing.
  • Vintage 1940's novelty print fabric maybe made later on in life. This incredible piece has a horse head with a plume of feathers coming from it's head. A real show pony imagery. The front has a wonderful asymmetrical detailing on the front of the blouse. The blouse is an over the head situation as the buttons on the front are faux.
  • Super vintage 1940's white telephone cord handbag. This handbag has wonderful zig zag placemement of the telephone coils of the bag. A real must have for any vintage loving persons wardrobe. The bag opens with a metal zipper at the top as it's opening and closing.
  • Wonderful vintage 1960's iconic western label HbarC. Which has history from 1917 as it was started by two tailors and in 1935 a western branch was made of the company. This wonderful coffee and chocolate colour block shirt has wondeful rainbow coloured embroderie on the front of the shirt aswell as on the collar.

    The shirt opens and closes with pearlised pop studs.


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