• One of the most collectable labels in the vintage world. This is ofcourse an iconic 1940's Fred A Block stud with his signature studded details. The studs on this suit are something that I've never seen on a Fred A Block suit before. They are almost placed to give a military style feel too the suit. The suit jacket opens with a button off the waist and the skirt has a zip as it's opening.
  • Absolutely wonderful lat 1940's early 1950's light coloured sanforized denim set. This wonderful set is made out of sanforized denim. Which means the denim has been stretched, fixed and shrunk in length at the mill. This is done in order to reduce the amount of shrinkage that can happen after your jeans’ first wash. The result of sanforization leads to 1-3% shrinkage, as opposed to 10% shrinkage with unsanforized (shrink to fit) denim. The idea of sanforized fabric was brought to life by an American businessman and inventor, Sanford Lockwood Cluett. The idea was developed in 1928 and patented in 1930.

    This beautiful light wash set has wonderful faux pockets on the top with plaited detailing on the collar. The shorts also have plaited details on the front where the two pockets are.

    The top / jacket opens with buttons down the front and the shorts have a back metal zip with buttons as it's opening and closing.

  • The perfect summer suit. This rather wonderful 1930's / 1940's duck egg blue polka dot short sleeve suit with wonderful ruffle style details on the front pockets of the jacket. The jacket is a button down front and the skirt is a side opening is also with buttons.
  • An opportunity to purchase this jaw dropping early 1930's two piece boudoir / beach pajama set. This set is by the legendary brand Kayser. Which was formed in 1908 by Julius Kayser and was started as a hoisery company. In 1911 the business was incorporated to do ' general merchandise business'. Adverts of this period suggest that they were making silk gloves.  The business has carried on till least the 1960's from what I've managed to find. This wonderful pumpkin and black two piece truly is the ulitmate loungewear attire. The detailing on the front reminds me of a palm tree. This piece you would totally see in an Agatha Christie adaption that is for sure. Piece is a slip over the head and has a semi elasticated waist.
  • Ultimate shimmy vintage 1940's fringe suit. This suit is by Lombardy which as a rather wonderful fashion history. It was started in 1929, in 1946 the owner started the famous Suzy Perette. This wonderful skirt suit has wonderful colour pallet of purple, green and cream and black in a floral pattern with wonderful sumptious fringe detailing. Jacket buttons on the front as it's opening. The skirt has a button and metal side zip as it's opening.
  • Absolutely incredibe vintage 1950's three piece summerset. This summer set comprimises of jacket, summer dress and shorts in a gorgeous mustard yellow and cream polka dot pattern. This truly is the ultimate summer set with the dress having wonderful flare styled skirt and is perfect for all the summer occassions. If you are a fan of the TV show marvelous Mrs Maisel and dream of an outfit thats worthy of Catskill fashion parade. Jacket has button opening on the neck, the dress has a metal side zip and the shorts have a metal side zip opening.  Please note hate and sunglasses do not come with set.
  • Absolutely wonderful vintage early 1950's red and white polka dot two piece set. This set truly envokes the wonderful series The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. The two piece set has a wonderful cropped off the shoulder top with the shorst with the matching polka dot trims. The shorts has two pockets on the front of the shorts. The shorts have button and metal back zip as it's opening and closing.
  • Absolutely glorious ditsy boarder print play suit and matching beach cover up. The label Rose Marie Reid is steeped in great history. Rose Marie Reid was a Canadian born, American swimwear designer who made her first swimsuit in 1937. The trapeze style cover up has button on neckline. Then play suit has concealed back metal zipper.
  • Wonderful 1930's / 1940's navy skirt suit with wonderful plaid style details. Perfect for all vintage events or work attire. The jacket has faux style front buttons but has button side opening and the skirt has side button detail with pop stud details.
  • Beautiful vintage early 1950's embroidered lipstick coloured skirt suit. This suit's embroidery is of flowers in differen't colours from black, silver and green tones. The suit has button down front and the dress has a button detail with a metal side zip.
  • This is an absolutely wonderful vintage 1930's / 1940's lipstick red rouched pleated front skirt suit. This wonderful whitel accent detail on the neckline. This suit has button down opening on the back of the blouse and a hook and eye opening on the waist and pop stud in the skirt.
  • Need to make an entrance? Well this incredible iredescent sequin three piece set is bound to get you noticed. This set comprises of jacket, capri style trousers and long skirt. This set is not only amazing but it comes from an incredible estate. This set was purchased from the wonderful Helen Mueller estate. If you are not familar with this wonderful woman. Helen Mueller was one of the 14 cover girls in the 1944 film "Cover Girl" where Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelley used this film to spring board into getting leading roles. The set is lined. The jacket has button openings, the skirt and trousers metal hook and eyes and metal zips.
  • The most incredible vintage early 1940's cherry red woollen four piece ski suit set. This set comprises of wonderful utility style jacket that can be worn loose or with it's oringal belt. Then the incredible tousers that are cuffed at the bottom to keep the snow out. Then to keep you're hands warm it also comes with it's matching mittens.  It's a simply increidble set especially for the cold times ahead of us. The jacket has zip down front and a button opening on the neck. Trousers have button down opening on both sides. This suit fit me really well for my height and i'm 5'5 and a half in height.
  • This is an opportunity to purchase a rather incredible vintage late 1930's herringbone print skirt suit. This wonderful herringbone comprises of black, white and green which is super stunning. This suit has a great utiltarian feel too it with the way that the suit is cut. The suit jacket isn't lined the skirt is not.  The suit has two pockets on the front of the suit jacket. The jacket has a button down opening front and the skirt has a metal side zip with button as it's opening. Please note scarf is not included.
  • Absolutely wonderful vintage late 1960's leopard ski style set. This set has a wonderful faux fur draw string top, in a gorgeous leopard print. That comes with black trousers that have the stirrup details. It's the perfect set for all you leopard loving people out there. Top has faux leather draw string on the waist, then it has zip at the back of the neck. The trousers has metal hook and eye and side zip opening.