• Absolutely gorgeous corrally pink scrumptious vintage 1950's jumper. This Saks of Fith avenue comfy jumper is an ultimate staple in any vintage lovers wardrobe. It also has the wonderful button detailing off the neckline.

    Jumper isn't lined and then the button off the neckline.

  • Rather lovely golden mustard yellow and chocolate brown coloured vintage 1950's zip down fronted jumper. The zip down has the words The Rustlers on the back. This may have been a car club or maybe evening a bowling team either way it's a super warm and sumptious knit. Perfect for this winter. The zip on this piece is rather interesting, as an independent company, Clarks Coats bought Crown out in around 1936. Originally located in Warren, PA, they moved production to Oriskany Falls, NY in 1946. So both of those C&C and Crown zips were produced on the same machines in the same plant. I've managed to date this zip to around 1953 through the wonderful world of the internet. Jumper has a zip down front as it's opening and closing.


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