• Gorgeous vintage 1930's tourist embroidered dressing gown probably made in Japan for non Japanese trade. This gorgeous piece has wonderful embroiderie on the bakc of flowers in wonderful hues of pinks and purples. The material of this beauty is also brocade with floral. This piece is open.
  • An opportunity to purchase a truly one of a kind piece of vintage. This incredible love letter novelty print dresses print is not only outstanding. But it has a truly one off detail. This being two sashes that can be changed across the bust or waist however you wished. So you could forever be changing the look of this exquisite dress. Dress opens with a metal side zip.
  • Absolutely wonderful vintage 1920's / 1930's block print dressing gown in the style of a Japanse kimono. The gorgeous loungwear is in a super soft pink as a background with wonderful details that reminice of Japanese culture with wagons, fans florals and so much more. The colours are in wonderful huges of pinks, blues, maroons and oranges.  This piece has a wonderful tie waist detail. The piece has a tie detail as it's opening.
  • This is the iconic dress (not the same colourway) that was made famous being worn by Marliyn Monroe in the 1950's. This dress has also been given the nickname Hook 'N Twist which eludes to the way the dresses straps together. The dress is a grey background with white stitching detail all over. Dress has straps with hooks and eyes and also has a back zip.
  • Absolutely wonderful vintage late 1920's early 1930's red and white colour block beach pajama's. But best of all, this has the most incredible embroidery of dragons. Not only does this piece have dragons on the bust detail but also on the lower legs. This equiste piece is truly the ultimate loungwear outfit. Jumpsuit has press stud openings on the shoulder and down the side of the jumpsuit as it's openings. Model is 5'6.
  • Absolutely iconic vintage 1930's orangey red / coral evening gown with stunning fringe detailing off the neckline. This gown truly eye catching. This dress has a almost puddle style drain detail that is actually weighted. This dress also comes with a fringing belt / detail that comes with the dress. The dress has gorgeous under the fringe back as a scoop back. Dress opens with pop stud detailing on the side of the gown as it's opening and closing.
  • Splending 1930's  daisy print drop waist day dress. This wonderful and still vibrant and colourful dress. Is the perfect summer dress. The button down front with two pockets on the front give the dress a utility style fit too this dress. Dress has a button down front as it's openings.
  • Stunning vintage 1950's fair ground novelty print atomic style print day dress. This print has ferris wheels and connession stands. This day dress has a wonderful light duck egg blue background colour. Then the print wonderful hues of lilacs, reds and greens. This dress has  wonderful full skirt so can swish. The dress also has a wonderful boater style neckline. The dress has a metal side zip as it's closure and opening.
  • This is an opportunity to purchase a piece from the iconic Del Rubio estate. As this vintage Hawaiian label dress has a chartruese twin that is already available on the website. So maybe if you and a friend are thinking about twinning this is your opportunity. This gorgeous 1950's hibecus flower print in gorgeous blue hues. This dress also has a sash bow detail on the back. The dress has a metal back zip as it's opening and closing.
  • Gorgeous burgandy vintage 1940's dress. This stunning dress has floral beaded and sequin embellishments on both of the sleeves of the dress. Dress has a no openings or closures so it's a pull over the head situation.
  • The ultimate chartruese vintage 1940's day dress. Plus added bonus it has a wonderful aysemtrical button down detail down the front and a short manderin style collar. This is the perfect day dress for all occassions. Dress opens with buttonds down the front and has a metal side zip.
  • Absolutely wonderful vintage 1980's does 1940's coat. This wonderful vintage cobalt blue coat that has wonderful velvet detailing on the colour and almost arrow head style detail on the bust in velvet. This coat is lined on the inside. It has a button down front as it's opening and closures.
  • Absolutely wonderful lat 1940's early 1950's light coloured sanforized denim set. This wonderful set is made out of sanforized denim. Which means the denim has been stretched, fixed and shrunk in length at the mill. This is done in order to reduce the amount of shrinkage that can happen after your jeans’ first wash. The result of sanforization leads to 1-3% shrinkage, as opposed to 10% shrinkage with unsanforized (shrink to fit) denim. The idea of sanforized fabric was brought to life by an American businessman and inventor, Sanford Lockwood Cluett. The idea was developed in 1928 and patented in 1930.

    This beautiful light wash set has wonderful faux pockets on the top with plaited detailing on the collar. The shorts also have plaited details on the front where the two pockets are.

    The top / jacket opens with buttons down the front and the shorts have a back metal zip with buttons as it's opening and closing.

  • Absolutely gorgeous vintage 1930's garden party floral dress. This dress has a wonderful cross strap back and gorgeous floaty skirt. It also has a wonderful little bow detail on the bust. Dress opens with press studs on the side of the gown
  • Absolutely stunning floral print vintage 1930's bias gown with wonderful sash style detail on the back of the gown. This beauty has wonderful satin style inserts in the dress that give the dress such movement. The dress has no openings so it's an over the head number.