• Gorgeous white vintage 1920's / 1930's linen day dress with gorgeous piping detailing on the neckline with a little sailors bow style detail. It's truly a wonderful summer dress for all you deco loving people. Dress has no openings so it's a pull over the head situation.
  • Beautiful vintage 1950's places of interest muu muu dress. This dress has wonderful vocal points of the Big Island which include Hawaiian Village, Waikiki Theater, Reef Hotel and so much more. The colours of this dress are also wonderful blues and reds and has not only just buildings but palm tree's and people on a traditional boat in the sea.  The dress has wonderful ruffle detailing on the neckline and sleeves. Dress has two buttons the back of the neckline as it's opening and closing and no other opening and closings.
  • Gorgeous deeper coral vintage 1940's / 1950's swing jacket. The cosy piece has a wonderful yoke style detail on the back of the jacket. This swing jacket really is a eye catcher of a piece. The jacket is lined on the inside but does not have any buttons etc as closures. I've also put into the images the jacket in natural lighting so you can see the vibrancy of the colour.
  • Absolutely gorgeous vintage late 1940's chequered swing style coat. This coat has a wonderful print cheque in a gorgeous trio of colours from black to white to red. So it really does pop when worn. This coat has three button down the front of the coat as it's opening.


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