We at Scarlet Rage Vintage offer a full appraisal service. So, if you have been wondering if those old clothes sitting at home are worth anything. Please do contact us for our free appraisal.

We would be delighted to help you either value the pieces, or if you wish to sell we can also make you an realistic offer to purchase the items if suitable. Please email us to ensure we are available at


Let us put together a new fabulous look for any occasion. Jade Stavri the owner of Scarlet Rage Vintage is an experienced stylist and fashion editor who will identify your body shape and guide you to create that flattering new look that will have heads turning.

Please feel free to contact us for pricing information.


If you are looking for something original for a shoot, TV, or music video, we offer press appointments at our private studio space on the south coast, please book in advance. Please email us to arrange an appointment

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