Vintage Spotlight – Christine of Chronically Overdressed

Vintage Spotlight – Christine of Chronically Overdressed

We have many ladies that we follow on instagram but one of them we’ve been following for a couple of years now and everytime she posts we wish we could double tap the like button as the lady we are about to introduce to you is not only inspirational and stylish but one of the most kindest ladies out there on the social media universe. So here is a little insight into the woman behind the blog Chronically Overdressed. So let us introduce you to Christine.

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We think everyone needs to get to know Christine aka blogger Chronically Overdressed, so what made you start a blog was there any hope and dreams to having the blog?

“I wish I could tell you that I had this fabulous dream to become “internet famous” by posting my outfit posts on a blog, but alas that is just not the case. I started this blog simply as a way to catalog my outfits and as an outlet to write about a facet of my life that I have a passion for. At the time I owned a wellness spa and was writing for two blogs – one for my spa and the other for my personal nutrition business. I loved using this outlet to get all of those ideas swimming around in my head out to the public.”

We always see in your instagram posts that you’re doing vintage inspired looks, from the way you dress to make up. How did you get into it?

“I was raised by a fabulous mother who instilled in me at an early age how important it was to always put your best face forward. My mother donned beautiful frocks, fantastic wigs and hair pieces, false eyelashes and always put “her face on” everyday. For me this was normal and I loved it, she was the epitome of Everyday Glamour. Later in life she came to spend a lot of time in the theater as a singer, actress and performer. She was very talented and surrounded herself with some of the most amazing and fabulous people in the entertainment industry. I am so grateful to have been exposed to this glamour at such an early age. When she was 65 she entered the Mrs. Senior San Diego and Mrs. Senior California Pageants and came in second runner up.

As a teenager I was always shopping in thrift stores and vintage stores. Every one of my dresses for school dances came from a thrift or vintage store and I don’t think I paid more than $25 for each of them. I was never interested in the “latest styles” and felt drawn to the look, glamour and style of the 1930s and 1940s. “

Now lets talk make up as you are always in the terms drag goddess RuPaul would say your always “Beat to the GODs!!” So what are your five never fail, can’t live without cosmetic products that you use and why?

“Oh boy, I could speak for ages about cosmetics and skincare. I have been working in the cosmetics and skincare industry for over 20 years and it truly is a passion of mine. I became an esthetician and nutritionists as a result of my love for this field.

I’ll start with my skin care ritual, because that really is where it all starts. I am a die-hard Dr. Hauschka girl!!! I have been using Dr. Hauschka Skin Care almost exclusively for over 15 years. I trained to become a Dr. Hauschka esthetician so I could share my passion. All of my skin care products are from Dr. Hauschka, but I absolutely can not live without my Clarifying Toner, Rejuvenating Mask and now that I’ve just turned 40, I’ve started using their new Night Serum and I’m in love!”

You can find more info on Christine’s skin care rituals on her blog.

And now for cosmetics. I’m actually pretty simple when it comes to my makeup. I started using gloMinerals foundation 10 years ago and haven’t looked back since. I love their pressed base as it has amazing coverage (I actually have freckles on my upper cheeks), and it gives an amazing matte finish. I also love that it comes in a variety of shades, as I am very fair it’s sometimes difficult to find a shade light enough.

I could not live without a red lipstick. I have a collection of about 40 different shades of red. I prefer a matte finish, and I do have my favorites – Russian Red from MAC and Besame Red from Besame Cosmetics, being my preferences.

Now we’ve seen that you’ve recently moved from the US to Germany? How was the move and how are you finding living in a totally different country? Are you missing anything from the US?

“The move to Germany was crazy and quite stressful, but at the same time very exciting and wonderful. We are very much enjoying living in Germany. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel and see so much of the world. I am so excited to be able to experience a different culture and I’m just soaking it all up.

There is very little that I miss about living in the US, I think the European lifestyle really suits me. There are a lot of Americans in the area that we live, but I try my best to integrate into the German community. There are not a lot of people who look like me, so I get stared at a lot. I do miss my friends and other vintage-loving people and events in the US. But there are so many events in the U.K. and we hope to attend a few very soon.

Another thing I miss are vintage clothing stores, I haven’t found any yet in my area, but thank goodness for the Internet!!! We have found some amazing flea markets, so I can still shop for “old things” that way.”

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Your outfits are always divine, do you wear alot of repro or do you try and wear as much true vintage as possible? What inspires you to put the outfits together?

“I would wear 100% true vintage if I could. However, being a very voluptuous gal, I do have a hard time finding true vintage in my size, and if I do it’s usually crazy expensive. So I mostly wear reproduction or modern pieces that I can style to look vintage.  I draw from many inspirations. Sometimes it’s an event I’m attending, even if it’s a movie, I try to “theme” my outfit to match the event. Sometimes I have a specific hairstyle I want to do/try and that inspires the outfit. And other times, I just feel like wearing specific colors and I see what I can come up with. “

If you could have a dinner party with five people who are dead or alive who would they be and why would they get an invite?

“Oh my, this is such a hard question to answer. My husband and I play this game ALL the time, but we add people and move around the guests so much. Here’s one dinner party option: John Waters, Dave Grohl, Craig Ferguson, Melissa McCarthy and Prince. I am attracted to very smart and very funny people and I think this group of people would be an absolute blast.”

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